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Welcome toTorekov swimrun 

Saturday, August 29, 2020.
The County Administrative Board has consulted 150 privileged teams (two people in each team)
who get to experience the Bjäre Coast in a different and challenging way.
By combining running and swimming, the team will move from Båstad to Torekov, a distance of a total of about 23 km and 18 different swimming and running distances. Swimming takes place in open water, and the run mostly goes through the nature reserve of the Bjärek coast but also along the sandy beaches of Båstad, through the gardens of Norrviken and the fishing village Torekov. Torekov swimrun has its starting point at Hotel Riviera beach, which is located near
Båstad's kilometer-long sandy beach. The goal is at the Morgonbryggan in Torekov. The race is carried out in two-man teams that can consist of women, men or mixed couples, but also a relay of 2x two-man teams, as well as a shorter course for children / youth.

Collection: At 10:00 at port Torekov, for departure by bus to Båstad
Start Båstad, Hotell Riviera strand,
Finish line: Torekov, Morgonbryggan.

Distance: A total of about 23 km. divided into 18 sections. Where approx. 18.3 km is running and about 4,7 km. is swimming

Classes: Women, men's, mix, kids and relay, (2 x two-man team)

Number of participants: Only 150 teams!

For viewers:
The best place for the audience is the Port of Båstad, where the participants pass about 11.10.
Kattvik harbor where participants pass about 12-12.30.
Hovs halls where the participants pass about 13-13.30.
At Morgon bryggan in Torekov, where the first is expected to finish in approx. kl. 14.00.



Before start;
You pick up your participant envenlope at the Tourist office in Torekov from friday morning. 

Your starting certificate will be your bathing cap (sponsored by olanderswim.se) and number vest.
In the participant envelope there is also a timing chip, which is attached with the supplied neoprene band on the ankle, the same person who carries the chip will also wear the number vest. The envelope also has stickers for your bags.

The envelope must be collected at least 15 minutes before departure by bus to Båstad!
The bus leaves Torekov port plan at 10 am!
Start at Hotel Riviera strand at 11:00!
The bathing cap and number vest will be your starting certificate and must be worn throughout the race (bathing cap does not have to be worn on the head on land).
If you are competing in a relay and will be running the second track, you must take yourself to Hovs hallar.
On Saturday morning you can pick up your participant envelope from 08.00.
We want to encourage sportsmanship, joy, happiness and fair play both on and off the track
Tag for the bag
You get a tags for your bags.
You will find this tag in your participant envelope. Attach it to your bags! You leave the bags by the white truck that will be parked at the start in Båstad. You will find your bag in the white truck, which is parked at the harbor plane when you have reached the finish line. Note that Torekov open water is not responsible for valuables in the bag
All participants are insured.
Timing will be done by chip and the result will be on the website. The time of the teammate passing the finish line last becomes the recorded time.
NOTE! Important chip should be attached with the supplied neoprene tape on the ankle!
Finishing takes place at Morgonbryggan in Torekov. The recorded time will be when the last team member crosses the finish line.

You must have passes Hovs hallar at 14.00 in order to continue the competition! We close the finish at 16.00. Those who has not finished we help to get back to Torekov.
By the finish line  there will be some sponsored consumtion.
The competitors in the team are responsible for each other's safety.
Along the course there are security personnel, at Båstad harbor and Hov's halls there will be a rib and at Svarte halls a kayak.
The bathing cap and number vest should be worn throughout the race. If you break the race or regret after the kick off at the start, you must immediately notify one of our officials and leave the chip and vest!
Do not hesitate to contact our officials, they can help you with everything from cramping to wetting the wetsuit!
Information on currents, wind, water temperature and waves can be found on
At the port plan in Torekov there will be CPR trained officials.
Child class
In children and youth class, you compete in teams of two, but it is also ok that one in the team is an adult. Start for children and youth class is at Morgonbryggan at 13.00.
No changing rooms
There are no changing rooms, 

Toilets can be found at the harbor in Torekov and inside Hotel Riviera.

Award ceremony
Prize for the first three in ladies, men and mixed class.
The award ceremony will be when the last team finishes / when the course closes at 16.00.